DVB Calculator

Digital TV standards bitrate calculations tool

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The "DVB calculator" is a freeware application developed by Giuseppe Cannarella! Only a free unlock code is requested to extend 30 days trial period.

See about page for more info!

To support the future application development a bit donation is appreciate!

Total donation amount:

150 € and 20 $

For contact, bugs report or new features request send a mail to: dvbcalculator@altervista.org


6 October 2018 Ver.

- BUG FIX: wrong C/N when using 6 and 7MHz bandwidth in ISDB-T calculation.

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Releases history:

5 October 2018 Ver.

- Added: ISDB-T 7 and 8MHz bandwidth support.

6 September 2015 Ver.

- Added: DVB-T2 dummy cells percentage check. The number of dummy cells shall not exceed 50% of available cells. as per ETSI   EN302755. Thanks to Mehdi Ehsani Nick for this enhancement suggestion!

3 August 2015 Ver.

- Modified: "DVB-T2 extra parameters" window and button in "DVB-T2 other parameters".

- Fixed: minor bugs on report printout.

- Added: DVB-T2-MI encapsulation overhead calculation as per Annex E of TS 102 773 V1.3.1. The values are located under "DVB-      T2 other parameters" by clicking the button on DVB-T2 tab.

- Added: DVB-T2-MI in "bitrate from" drop down menus. (It takes the total DVB-T2 bitrate including T2-MI encapsulation over TS).

12 October 2014 Ver.

-BUG FIX: DVB-T2 configuration mismatch not display invalid FFT/Guard Interval combinations. Thanks to debugasm for bug report!

-Added: Ethernet Network required bandwidth estimation for TS over IP.

1 February 2014 Ver.

-BUG FIX: Opening a file created with version previous than 4.1 application crashes.

-BUG FIX: Depending on the Windows international settings, application may crash at startup.

9 October 2013 Ver.

- BUG FIX: DVB-S2 32APSK with 3/4 FEC is allowed now.

- BUG FIX: Fixed regression bug: message bar was not visible.

- BUG FIX: Minor bugs fixed.

- Added: Es/No values for DVB-S2.

24 September 2013 Ver.

- BUG FIX: Fixed regression bug in license activation mechanism.

- Enhancement: Decimal and Thousands separators as per Windows international settings.

- Modified: Roll off in DVB-S/DSNG: now it's possible to choose between 20% , 25% and 35% (a warning appears if the chosen rolloff is not compliant with the standard).

01 September 2013: Release is now available for download!

NEW FEATURE! : ISDB-T Bitrate calculation. The digital TV standard can be selected via OPTIONS -> DIGITAL TV STANDARD menu.

-Modified: At startup, check for updates not display any message if no updates are available.

24 July 2013: Release is now available for download!

-BUG FIX: DVB-S2: error in "bit rate to symbol rate" calculation.

3 April 2013: Release is now available for download!

- Added: Check for updates at startup (Can be disabled).

- Added: Eb/No values for DVB-S.

- Modified: License activation routines.

- Enhancement: Possibility to copy to clipboard the report windows text.

05 October 2012: Release is now available for download!

New enhancement in DVB-T2:

- Overhead calculation

- PLP Extra parameters is now saved on calculations file.

05 October 2012: Release is now available for download!

-BUG FIX: Activation mechanism error when windows international settings had date in US format.

05 October 2012: Release is now available for download!

New enhancement in DVB-T2:

- Maximum bitrate calculation with indication of right combination of data symbols and FEC blocks.

- Mouse over data symbols and FEC blocks fields show the valid range for selected parameters.

- Parameters that need to be changed are now highlighted.

- PLP Extra parameters window (Allow to include other PLP parameters in to report).

17 September 2012: Release is now available for download!

Bug fux in "check for updates" engine. Other minor bugs fixed.

By the next release "check for updates" feature will be functional.

Version older than must be uninstalled before installing this version.

16 September 2012: Release is now available for download!

NEW FEATURE: TS File bitrate extraction. (See release note for mode details.)

A new setup engine has introduced to support upgrades.

Older versions must be uninstalled.

25 August 2012: Release is now available for download!

This application requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile and Microsoft Visual basic PowerPacks 10.0. 

If you not have installed these components, the DVB calculator setup automatically ask for download from Microsoft website.

5 August 2012: Version 3.3.0 is now available!

NEW FEATURE introduced: MPEG2-TS over IP bitrate calculations!