DVB Calculator

Digital TV standards bitrate calculations tool

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  • Digital TV standard selection:

The digital TV broadcasting standard can be selected via OPTIONS -> DIGITAL TV STANDARD menu.


ISDB-T/Tb bitrate calculation: Layer A, B and C bitrates calculation. Additional info such guard interval duration, frame length, etc. are displayed.

  • DVB-T2

DVB-T2 total bitrate calculation: Frame size, duration, PLP and dummy cells are also calculated. All parameters combinations are supported.

  • TS File

TS file bitrate extraction: PIDs scan function TS header parser and Hex Viewer.

  • DVB-S2

DVB-S2 netto bitrate calculation: up to 32APSK constellation including pilots insertion and frame length! Also bandwith calculation is performed. In DVB-S/DSNG, DVB-S2, DVB-C and IP over TS is also possible to do calculation by getting other system bitrate.

  • DVB-T

DVB-T/H bitrate calculation: In case of hierarchical mode both high priority and low priority stream are calculated. Additional info such guard interval, symbol duration, etc. are also calculated.

  • IP over TS

IP over TS incapsulation bitrate calculation, including FEC. It's possible to select protocol, TS packets per IP packets, and FEC columns and rows (FEC matrix).


DVB-S and DSNG netto bitrate calculation and RF bandwidth occupation by symbol rate and roll off.

It's also possible to calculate symbol rate from RF bandwidth, or from bitrate!

  • DVB-C

DVB-C netto bitrate calculation: up to 256QAM.

  • Additional features

Calculations report creation to be easy show all systems data.

RF power converter tool.

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